Party and Celebrations Fireworks

You can choose from a choreographed professional fireworks display from Jays Pyrotechnics Fireworks.

We would be happy to advise you on the best product for your event and whether to go retail or professional, assisting you in making your event as effortless as possible for you with the maximum impact for your guests and for your budget.

For larger parties and celebrations, or simply for a more spectacular display using professional products, we would recommend our own services from the Jays Pyrotechnics Fireworks team.

We will use professional fireworks that are far larger and more powerful and fire your show using digital firing gear for accuracy and precision.

With our professional services, we will plan and manage your show on your behalf, set it up and fire it using qualified and experienced pyrotechnicians. We can even design and fire it to music!

Enquire About Our Fireworks Products