Custom Fireworks Displays

Would you like to put on a beautiful fireworks display but aren’t sure what products you would like? Custom displays are our specialty, and the Jays Pyrotechnics team loves the chance to charm and astonish any crowd with a display arranged perfectly to your needs. Let us put together the perfect fireworks or pyrotechnics display. 

We use a variety of premium fireworks products from some of the top manufacturers in the world. Not all display fireworks are created equally. With the latest technology, quality products and two-decades of experience, you will see the difference in our firework shows and public displays. 

We are able to work with and feature a city’s landmarks such as waterways, buildings, bridges and iconic architecture to capture the audience in a fireworks spell, taking them on a magical journey that attracts nationwide media attention to the event. 

Our Kenyan division has designed public fireworks displays for events throughout the year in Nairobi, Mombasa, Tanzania, and Rwanda. 

Just contact a Jays Representative now to find out how your evening can start or end with a bang.

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