All Types of Events

With the largest stock of machines we design and provide original special effects for all types of e vents:

  • Concerts/festivals,
  • Corporate events,
  • Book Launches
  • Wedding and Engagements
  • Theme parties
  • Anniversary and Birthdays,
  • Sports meetings,
  • Studio shoots,
  • Entertainment parks,
  • Street theaters
  • Christmas and New Year Celebrations
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How We Do It


We have a wide range of Pyros including Dancing Pyros,  Swinging Pyros, Rotating Pyros, Revolving Pyros, Hand Held Pyros and Body Suit Pyros. All these are created and used with safety and mind and will make your event one to remember.

Lance Work

We also build custom-made lance-work for your special event. This includes corporate logos, Birthday Messages, Persons Name,  trademarks, slogans, and theme pieces.

Special Effects

Jays Pyrotechnics produces stage special effects for one-off events, which are very visual and with strong creative requirements. We add touches of aesthetic eccentricities with our fireworks, high-velocity CO2 jets, smoke and fog effects, confetti, Flogos, Bubbles & UV Bubbles and Snow Flakes

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Products / Services

Take a look at the range of products / services that we have on offer for your event


We have different types of Pyros to suite your needs. These include Dancing Pyros, Swinging Pyros, Rotating Pyros ...

Lance work

We also build custom-made lance-work for your special event. This includes corporate logos, trademarks, slogans, and theme pieces.

Smoke,fog & haze

One of the great special effects classics, smoke can create a magical and impressive effect instantly.

CO2 jets

CO2 Jets can be used to produce fast appearing fingers of fog that rapidly dissipate. They can be fired in short bursts, or as continuous plumes.

Bubbles/UV bubbles

Jays Pyrotechnics can fill the air with bubbles! We can even supply bubbles that glow blue or gold under black light (UV), and we can light huge areas with black light.


Our Confetti are made in a variety of colors and shapes, and are easy to clean up. All of our tissue products are flame retardant and made of biodegradable material.


We design the show to be a powerful combination of the very best from the music and our aerial display shells creating an atmosphere exploding with emotion and excitement.


The Flogos is always quite impressive and popular with family audiences. It is ideal for product launches and corporate events. But we can also provide simple Flogos such as hearts, stars, anchors,


Available in Bright Silver or Twinkling Gold, Waterfall Gerbs are the only products products designed to be burned upside down.