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Jays Pyrotechnics low smoke products maintain clean and bright colors, delivering these with extremely low smoke. These low-smoke products are what have become vital in televised productions, sporting, corporate events, live theatrical, and anywhere smoke is considered a nuisance. Jays Pyrotechnics is also committed to reducing lift smoke, allowing us to set new standards in low smoke Pyrotechnics.


Jays Pyrotechnics vibrant colors are considered the best in the industry. Jays Pyrotechnics patented formulations and quality raw materials allow us to set the benchmark in the proximate pyrotechnics industry.


Wide International Distribution

Demands lead our commitments to having proper certifications. Jays Pyrotechnics is proud to be the leading Pyrotechnics Company to have more than 300 certified devices. Our commitment to compliance and certification remains imperative when delivering excellent customer services.

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What is our added value?

What is our added value?

The quality and innovation of our special effects, light and heavy smoke, low-fog, fireworks, twenty varieties of pyros, high-velocity cyros (CO2 Jets), flamethrowers, wind, snow, rain, bubbles, UV bubbles, foam logos. Our state-of-art and professional laser show equipment, and high-end projectors ranging from 15,000 lumens to 40,000 lumens. Our team of Master Projection Artist, visual artists, project managers, and technical experts offers exceptional stage special effects in accordance with technical and safety constraints. To turn dreams into reality with a consistent and accurate approach is our business.



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The professionals at Jays Pyrotechnics have the knowledge, experience, and imagination to ensure your event's success and the story is told in an immersive way, be it with visual experiences or with fireworks. We are proud to work on your event regardless of size and will customize your event no matter how large or small. We offer choreographed displays with or without music, utilizing state-of-the-art design software. Our display shooting is safe, precise, and reliable, with the most advanced electronic systems in the world. Our immersive experiences are not passive, instead include the audience in every single aspect. Being that we only work on fireworks, pyrotechnics, stage special effects, and visual experiences, nothing else affords us the ability to instill in our employees the extreme importance of their work. Every process and person here carries a strict uniform 'no room for error' policy.


Jays Pyrotechnics employs an arsenal of specialized and professional technical equipment to produce its
shows. These aren't just any outdoor fireworks by any means. We spare no expense to ensure the
reliability and quality of our product. Our quality assurance is second to none in our industry.

Our high-end lasers
range from 8W to 30W skybeams lasers, our projectors range from 15,000 Lumens to 40,000 from
Panasonic and Barco. Our LED screens are P2 Barcos brand and Martin Lights only.



We frequently work with overseas fireworks display companies and regularly provide support to fireworks display companies in Sub-Sahara Africa. We participated in the International Fireworks competition in Sydney and Paris as a member of the Kenya team.

Jays Pyrotechnics is also a member of the International Pyrotechnics Guild and Event Managers Association of Kenya and Kenya Coast Tourist Association, among other associations in East and Central Africa.

We are direct importers of fireworks, and we select and import quality fireworks and pyrotechnics for our displays. We do not rely on any intermediaries.



The cost of a fireworks display can vary greatly and it depends on many factors including the location of the display. A rooftop display utilizes a product that is different from a product for an indoor arena or an outdoor display. Jays Pyrotechnics will discuss the location and type of display you want for your event and work within your budget and needs to produce a fireworks display that will make your event a success.

Jays Pyrotechnics provides the longest, fullest, most exciting display possible to fit your budget and expectations. It is more important that a fireworks display provide a well-paced, full display with an exciting opening and ending and memorable highlights than a display that lasts for a specific time, but is boring because the shells must be spaced too far apart to fill time.

Jays Pyrotechnics can produce displays that are fully choreographed to music (pyro-musical) for your special event. The requirements for a pyro-musical display, however, are different. Adequate sound systems must be provided by the client. Planning and choreography for a pyro-musical is more extensive than for a display without music.

For many displays, just the sound of the shells launching and the spectacular sky display is all the audience needs, or just playing music during the event can provide an extra level of enjoyment for the audience without the need for a full pyro-musical.

Yes. Jays Pyrotechnics carries a large selection of shell sizes, colors, and effects and if you are looking for something special, this can be designed for your show.

Jays Pyrotechnics is fully licensed and insured for indoor and outdoor venues. Each display is under the supervision of a licensed pyrotechnic operator who will be present on site from the beginning to the ending of the display.

The pyrotechnician and trained assistants will set up, shoot, tear down, and clean up. Jays Pyrotechnics has an unblemished safety record and will not shoot a fireworks display if there is any question about safe firing. All national regulations and our own experiences are followed when planning a fireworks display and the safety of the audience and crew is the first and most important aspect of the planning.

We will need some of your time to discuss the fireworks display to find out your needs and expectations and to finalize details before the display. Depending on the venue, various permits are required, but Jays has extensive experience working with regulators and will obtain the required permits.

Jays will set up, shoot, and tear down the display, as well as clean up the shoot site. The pyrotechnician and assistants will maintain security at the immediate firing site. Crowd control and access to the firing site is the responsibility of the sponsor, but Jays Pyrotechnics can provide expert experience to advise you on what is needed.